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You can find some of the best deals at Happy Lender through partner companies in North America. Apply online, request a service, and get in touch with a qualified service provider dedicated to serving you better.


When you attempt to apply for a car loan with poor credit, banks will usually recommend to look for financing directly with a car dealership.

With hundreds of big and small dealerships scattered throughout BC, how can you know which one will offer the best rates? Fortunately our team has hand picked trustworthy car dealerships that meet our standards of providing manageable rates to our customers. You can rest assured that your paperwork and best rates will be negotiated on your behalf with minimal hassle or headache.

Attempting to apply directly through a bank for a loan and being denied due to poor credit may increase your rates the next time you attempt to get a loan. Instead of doing that, we recommend to let experienced finance managers use their volume of business with the banks to negotiate the best rates on your behalf.


Yes. Actually, many people facing bankruptcy or consumer proposals will come to us for help getting a loan. Because we deal with over 15 lending partners, we are able to negotiate on your behalf and get you approved with minimal hassle or stress.

Several of our loan partners deal specifically with our clients in those situations. This seemingly impossible task (when you try to do it yourself) is what we do on a regular basis for our customers.

We understand that life doesn't always go as planned but also believe in helping people with a real need. With our help, we believe we can get you back on the road while improving your credit.


Getting people approved for car loans even with very bad credit is our specialty:

Don't feel bad! 1/4 of Canadians have less than perfect credit scores. On a brighter note, most of our customers have a golden opportunity to rebuild their credit.

What we'll need to get you pre-approved

  • Your ideal monthly payment range or budget
  • Your vehicle preference (car, truck, van, SUV)
  • When do you need the loan by
  • Picture copy of your drivers license to confirm your identity
  • Verification of previous employment or last 3 months paystubs. Many of our customers are self-employed so give us a call for required details.
  • Minimum Income Required: $1,800/month before tax. We can in some cases get you approved on a $1,300/month income.


In short, the answer is no. Happy Lender offers a free service that helps borrowers with less than perfect credit by removing the mystery of negotiating with subprime lenders while saving them time.

There are multiple advantages of shopping for a car loan and vehicle through us as opposed to going through a dealership or worse multiple dealerships. For starters, we select the best offers among our partners in order to get you an affordable rate on a car loan and new or used vehicle that fits your budget requirements.

If you could get dozens of other car dealerships bidding to get you the best rates instead of having to negotiate with them one by one wouldn't you do it? Of course you would. Armed with rate quotes, you can confidently walk in to any dealership and know the rates you can qualify for should you choose to act on them.

Happy Lender's dealer partners are highly efficient and motivated to get you the best rates in order to continue doing business with us. Everyone wins.


A finance specialist from the exclusive dealership assigned to your approval process will ask you for some more information which they use to verify your identity and credit.

They can perform a soft-pull on your credit which doesn't affect your credit score to better understand your options.

Proof of your monthly income consisting of your 2 most recent paystubs

Acceptable identification: Valid BC Drivers License (L, N, Class 5...)

If you have outstanding debt or require a debt consolidation loan it is advised that you contact a debt consolidation specialist instead.

While our dealership partners go to great lengths to negotiate with banks, prepare and complete paperwork on your behalf, and work with you till you have keys in hand, we do not want to burden them with borrowers who get approved but have no way to afford their monthly payments.

If you carry excess debt that isn't manageable then we generally advise to pay that off first.

In some cases our dealerships can arrange cash back offers on loans with rates that are lower than those charged by credit card companies (a common source of debt) which can alleviate some of the debt load.

If you are unsure we still welcome you to apply as our dealership partners do a much better job than most banks when it comes to auto financing in BC.

Happy Lender is located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia and also serves Coquitlam, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, White Rock and surrounding areas.

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