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At Happy Lender we offer the best terms, best rates, and best down payment plans in BC. We will not be beat by anyone. We help you get back on the road and stay on the road with affordable payment plans. While we have many applicants, you will not be treated like just another number. Our Customer Support Team cares about helping British Columbians going through unexpected life events. We understand that everyone is unique which is why we do our best to understand our customers and offer the best options. Our dedicated Customer Support Team works hard to negotiate the best rates on your behalf while potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process. Compared to other loan service companies, our dealer partners will do just about all of the hard work there is for you, so you can get approved within hours. 

Furthermore, we saw that the lending process can be backwards and difficult to navigate at times especially for people who don't work in the industry itself. That almost always leaves the financing company, big banks, or car dealerships with the upper hand. We've vetted our dealer partners in BC based on quality standards that must be upheld in order for them to be in good standing with our program. Every dealer partner is graded at the end of each month based on their customer service, response times, hours spent negotiating with lenders, and many other factors. This is all done to ensure that you the borrower can find new meaning in the word 'Guaranteed.'

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